Measures piastrella:

Cm: 20 x 40 x 5,5



Plastic solution to create internal and external flooring,

Is the plastic solution to create internal and external flooring, in a practical and fast way. The modules are lightweight and their installation is extremely simple thanks to the self-blocking joint. removal of the flooring is equally quick, and it can be reused later. PiaSTreLLa, measuring 20x40x5.5 cm in height, can be shaped easily when necessary, without the cut modules losing stability.

Each element has a perforated surface to ensure perfect drainage. The manufacturing material gives high levels of resistance to compression, resistance to wear and tear due to the weather and attack by chemical agents.

This type of flooring is particularly suitable on the flat waterproofed coverings to protect the waterproof layer and the layer of insulation, or in cases of covers such as the "inverted roof" to protect them and make them safe to walk on.

In preserving the covering layer "PiaSTreLLa" also contributes to improving the overall thermal resistance and sound absorption of the entire covering package.


Piastrella is produced in Terracotta, Grey and Green.

Technical characteristics

Scheda Tecnica

Application of piastrella:

The possible applications are numerous, in addition to those mentioned above. PiaSTreLLa, is perfect for creating outdoor paved areas, but its use in interiors is not excluded, given its attractive appearance and ease of cleaning.

In addition, the speed of installation / removal make it an intelligent solution for the execution of provisional flooring, as in the case of events.

  • Areas of sports centres and swimming pools
  • Areas of bathing establishments and campsites
  • Street furniture
  • Terraces of bars and restaurants
  • Trade fairs and exhibition areas
  • Gardens, terraces and balconies